What is Motorcycle Helmet Pinlock and How to Install It

What is Motorcycle Helmet Pinlock and How to Install It?

The Pinlock device is a thin and flexible removable insert that is placed under the glass of a motorcycle helmet to prevent fogging. It is the most effective device available on the market and comes in different types. Installing the motorcycle helmet pinlock is easy and can be completed quickly.

Types and Design

Pinlock inserts come in three different types: 30, 70, and 120 (EVO). The 30 is a universal option and is produced only in one format and size. The 70 is the most popular type and includes four types of lenses (dark smoke, light smoke, yellow, and clear). The 120 (EVO) is the most expensive and is best for off-road and track use.

Every Pinlock insert has small cuts along the edges for easy attachment to the grooves of the front part of the helmet. Some types are adjustable with an eccentric and others are adjustable with pressure.

Why Does a Helmet Visor Sweat?

As the temperature inside a helmet is lower than the temperature of the warm air a person exhales, moisture from the air settles on the visor and causes it to fog up. Although some helmets come with a ventilation system, it often fails to adequately prevent fogging of the visor.

Benefits of Using a Pinlock Overlay

Pinlock inserts come with many benefits, including:

  • High efficiency in almost any weather condition.
  • Universal fit for any model of helmet.
  • Easy to clean and replace.
  • Installation is easy and can be done without special tools.

The only downside to the Pinlock is its cost, which is relatively high. However, the price of the universal transparent models is reasonable.

How to Properly Install Pinlock on a Visor: Mount

Installing the Pinlock insert is a simple process that can be done in a few minutes. To install, begin by removing the visor and cleaning it. Then, bend the Pinlock slightly to fit the shape of the glass and slide it over the pin slots. Remove the protective film and adjust the pins if needed. If the helmet does not have pins for the insert, it cannot be installed.

Care and Durability

To ensure the durability of the Pinlock inserts, it needs to be maintained properly. Debris should be removed with a damp microfiber cloth and the surface should be avoided contact with keys, sharp objects, and hard rags.

Pinlock Alternatives

Although the Pinlock is the most effective device to prevent fogging of the visor, there are some alternatives. Antifog is a hydrophobic solution that must be applied to the glass using a fiber cloth. Breath deflectors are polyurethane or plastic baffles that do a good job of keeping moisture out of the breath but do not prevent condensation from forming. Heated glass is only applicable in winter for snowmobiles, but is expensive, reduces visibility, and is powered by the onboard network.


Pinlock is the most effective device for preventing fogging of a motorcycle helmet visor. It is easy to install, durable, and comes with many benefits. However, there are some alternatives available, depending on the weather conditions and the type of helmet. Proper care and maintenance of the Pinlock insert are necessary to ensure its durability.

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