How To Care For Your Motorcycle Helmet

How To Clean And Maintain Your Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet is a mandatory piece of equipment for any motorcyclist. Not only does it provide maximum protection, but it also reduces stress while driving. That’s why it’s important to take proper care of your helmet to ensure it’s in top condition. Here are some tips on how to properly maintain your motorcycle helmet.

Cleaning the Helmet

The helmet will become dirty over time, with dust, sweat, and insects getting caught in it. The best thing to do is to follow the instructions in the user manual that comes with the helmet. However, there are some general rules you can use to clean your helmet.

Washing the Lining

If the lining of your helmet is removable, you can take it out and wash it in warm water with mild detergent. Baby shampoo is a good option, as soap and laundry detergent don’t wash off as easily and may leave a strong smell. If the helmet does not have a removable lining, it needs to be washed as a whole.

When drying the lining, be sure to do it in a warm and dry room. Do not use any type of heater, such as a hair dryer or a dryer, as these may damage the lining. It will take at least two days for the fabric to fully dry.

Cleaning and Polishing the Outside of the Helmet

Once the lining is washed and left to dry, you can start cleaning the outer surfaces of the helmet. Use a clean, soft cloth, such as a microfiber cloth, that won’t leave any lint behind. Wet the cloth with hot water and place it on the helmet for 5-10 minutes to remove any dried dirt. Then, take a new cloth, wet it with soapy water (not a cleaning spray or liquid product, such as a window cleaner), and carefully remove any existing dirt. After all the dirt is removed, take a new cloth and wipe the surface of the helmet to dry it and remove any stains.

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For helmets with a glossy surface, automotive polishes and waxes in aerosol form can be used to treat them and provide additional protection to the paintwork. When applying, be careful not to scratch the surface or damage any of the fasteners or other elements of the helmet.

For matte helmets, scratches can easily appear on the surface. To fix this, polishing can be done, or, in more serious cases, the helmet can be repainted. Use compositions with different types of wax, as well as options based on silicone and products with the addition of ceramics for polishing.

Caring for the Visor

The visor of the helmet is an important component that protects the eyes and face from dust, wind, and blinding headlights in the dark. To properly care for the visor, wash it with warm water and treat the outer part with a special visor cleaning product. To clean the inner part, use only soft, damp towels.

If the visor sweats, there are several methods to reduce the condensation. Pinlock lenses can be used, as the thin gap between the lens and the visor reduces the temperature difference. An anti-fog spray can be applied, as the hydrophobic composition reduces the tension between the liquid and the glass. Heating systems, such as ones used in winter sports helmets, are available, as well as air cutters that remove the excess exhaled air.

To prevent the visor from getting scratched, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it down after each ride.


A motorcycle helmet is an important piece of equipment for any motorcyclist. It’s important to take proper care of your helmet, which includes cleaning the lining, polishing the outside of the helmet, and caring for the visor. Following these steps will ensure your helmet is in top condition and provides maximum protection.

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